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RAP Magnum Mall: Connecting Consumers to Lifestyle Products With the concept of lifestyle shopping malls and hypermarkets hugely gaining in popularity, corporate giants like the Tatas, ITC, Reliance and the RPG Group have gone ahead with their retail blueprints as a part of a smart marketing move. The retail models conceptualised and developed by RAP Media aims to explore the Indian consumer market even further – bringing top quality, lifestyle products at the best possible prices. RAP Magnum Mall in the heart of Meerut city is a unique venture which targets the middle class, as well as the upmarket crowds, and plans to offer almost anything under the sun that a buyer may wish for. The RAP Magnum Mall is a state-of-the-art development that meets the requirements and repute of international brands and discerning retailers. The breath-taking edifice offers maximum optimal space utilisation; features aesthetic interior layouts, and facilitates adequate parking space. From the essential to the luxurious and apparels to white goods, the hypermarket houses every single household item under one roof while the pricing will suit every budget. The comfort and the convenience factors are not missing though, as the mall has in place glass capsule elevators, state-of-the art escalators and a zillion other facilities common to all super malls developed by the company. The RAP Magnum Mall features an amazing variety of sprawling outlets; fun zones for kids & adults; and a gourmet choice of restaurants & fast food joints if you want to relax after a shopping spree. What’s more, we have a terrace banquet as well, set within wonderful surroundings and offering panoramic views of the city below. Globally, hypermarkets account for 60 per cent of the retail sales and the company’s venture into this new arena is sure to generate huge volume of sales, higher revenues and delivery gains in terms of branding, merchandising, product variety and consumer satisfaction. Overheads will also stay low in a hypermarket format and retailers will be able to function like big discount stores. At RAP Magnum Mall, it will be a perfect blend of shopping and entertainment, responses will be fantastic and business will be booming throughout.


RAP Media is committed to redefining retail shopping experience and developing lifestyle shopping centres where footfalls automatically turn into conversions. We focus on creating Malls-cum-Multiplexes in the non-metro cities of India with a view to providing new growth opportunities to businesses and catering to quality-conscious consumers across the country.


Enabling businesses to maximise the value of investment through effective brand positioning across India and building customer loyalty through world-class amenities & great-value services.